Drum roll ... turu turu turu tum ! Yeaaah I'm back guys with a new surprise . I missed you all guys especially my dearest followers. I know I've been gone almost 2 months from the blog and I'm so sorry for that . But who follow me on TWITTER and FACEBOOK know the reason. The work and lack of time . Have taken me the time to take pictures and write on the blog . But now no one longer is going to stop me ; With my new lens of 50-200mm by SAMSUNG NX . After having searched him for more than 1 month on the web and photo shops . Here is my new baby 50-200mm F4.0-5.6ED OIS Ⅱ Lens . For action shooting , nice and perfect to get close to the perfect shot . perfect for the photo maniacs like me  ehehehe… I can not wait to use it . The Spring time seems not arrived any more this this year her in italy ," perugia " . We are already in April and  the spring is not still feelt . Why oh why .!!!! It's still cold , and it rains . The bad weather will not let me get out of the house to take pictures. I hope that tomorrow will be a beautiful day  ….. have a nice day guys kisses Ryan

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  1. great !!! you will make incredible pics with it

    i have a new outfit