SAM_0790 - Copia
Good morning ! 2nd  day in Frankfurt , Germany …. sun sun sun and more sun - A quick shower and a big cup of Starbucks coffee I'm ready to go ! to discover the beautiful Frankfurt with my new friends that i meet in the hotel ,while we were walking i was shocked as the streets were clean no dirt no plastic all clean in Italy is clean but when i saw the streets of Germany I was (O.O) !!!  love the style of the skyscrapers very modern buildings ... For the day i decide to wear a simply and comfy outfit  Versace  for H&M sunglasses a T-shirt Dolce & Gabbana tank top Zara shoes & pans and my Louis Vuitton kepall 55 .




From what I had said in the last post I would come to germany in frankfurt for an event called (Make a choice) the eyce2012 a youth revival , where all the young Christian from all over europe meet to study the Bible ; Ok after being 4 hours in the train to go to the airport , and over 3 hour of flight i was terribly hungry; Luckily out of the AƬroport  there was this little bar, bakery called (Ditsch) with a huge brezel painted over . Where I gorged  and enjoy the fantastic pretzels tipical food of the area. Then we took the airport bus that brought us to Frankfurt with a duration of 1 hour . Arrived in town we went in search for the (KFC) the kentucky fried chicken . After the eaten and the rest we were picked up at the am main train station for go to the Hotel . My outfit was composed by a vintage scarf , sunglasses versace for H&M , tshirt ABERCROMBIE , pans ZARA , shoes ZARA , and my Bag LOUIS VUITTON  keepall bandouliere 60 , and my classic watch CASIO ,  see ya in the next post stay safe guys kisses Ryan .



How are you guys? how's your summer holidays going ? me in two days on the 14 of july  'll fly to germany , where exactly ? to frankfurt  i’ll be there until July 20 to attend at the event called ( makeachioce ) it's a youth revival and is the eyc2012 and  I can't wait anymore !  and you guys where are you going this summer ?  oouh yes this is the outfit that i choice to see a a match of beach volley , a pair of sunglasses h&m for versace , h&m tanktop , adidas short , and my alife shoes . I hope you like it see you soon . kisses ryan